Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Concepts and Metaphors

These are all from my Concepts and Metaphors class in the fall of 2009. The one with the pooping guy and dog are part of a scrapped idea; I initially chose, from a list, a prompt called "Difficult to Digest," and was going to have Glen Beck on the TV screen in the piece. I eventually changed to the prompt "Love is in the Air", which is the piece with the two opposing soldiers falling victim to

Also, sorry the layout of the images is a bit wonky. I'm still getting the hang of how to arrange images in blog posts on here..

The next several images are from a project with the prompt "Endless".

Deer pooping

These were ideas I eventually rejected in favor of another. The prompt was "Opposites" - I did Flora Vs. Fauna at first, showing a deer pooping and then the flower's point of view - but drawing the perspective of the deer pooping from the flower's perspective was too difficult for me..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I was tired last night and thought for a second that this bee was real (the image is from the "online classroom" for my Illustration Topics class):

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Foundation 3D Studies

Here are a bunch of pieces from Foundation 3D Studies (spring of 2009 at MCAD).

Foundation 2D Studies

The following are various things I made for Foundation 2D Studies at MCAD, back in the fall of '08.

Photos from Media 1

Here are some photos I did for projects way back in Media 1 (fall of 2008) at MCAD.

Drawing I at MCAD

Here are some images from drawings I did in Drawing 1 at MCAD.