Saturday, November 27, 2010

Illustration Topics (fall 2010) - Mug Design

(Class was taught by Tom Garrett)

These images are all from a mug design project (the final result was submitted to the MCAD mug design contest. I didn't win, but I still enjoyed making mine a lot).

I created these big blobs of watercolor on palette paper so that I could turn them into the smoke for the train (I tore them into small chunks and made them wrinkly, then glued them on). Also, the monster/dragon-like shape in the purple blob was NOT intentional! It just dried like that, somehow.

final illustration:

Friday, November 26, 2010

Children's Book Illustration (fall 2010, 2 weeks left)

I'm going to start posting some stuff from the classes I have this semester, even though there's only a couple of weeks left. I've just been wanting to post some of it online for a while now.

And, like some previous posts, these images are in reverse chronological order (the more recent projects are shown first).

This is the rough storyboard for my final project in Children's Book Ill. I have to make this storyboard, and then three full-color illustrations. My story is about a pigeon who sees a hat he likes in a magazine, and tries to go find the same hat for himself.

These were some drawings I made for a "one day" project that involved trying to create characters and images that could be used for a children's board book.

This was an ABC book illustration project. I picked castles for my theme. These three are all either in Scotland or Ireland. I looked at a medieval font alphabet I found online for the lettering. Coloring was digital.

This project involved illustrating a poem. I chose an excerpt from a poem about pigeons. I played with some watercolor and scanned the results, then incorporated some of that into the picture. I liked the visual feel of the final, and hope to try more things like this in the future.

Imagination themed illustration - "Cats Coming Out of Your Ears". Gouache. The second image contains color studies. This was one of my first illustrations with gouache, I was happy with how this it turned out!

Childhood Memory piece. Scanned line drawing then did some loose coloring.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Intro. to Comics (spring 2010)

This was my final project for the class, based on an incident that happened when I was a kid at a local pond.

This was a 1-page "environment set-up" comic. I didn't finish the last two panels, had sort of a fun (if obsessive) time with the rest.

The following was a biographical comic I made about the French comic artist Moebius.

This next image was a lettering exercise and got me my first practice with a nib and also applying ink with a brush.

For this assignment, each person in the class had to take a pre-made script and draw the comic for it.

Digital Illustration (spring 2010), part 2

Most of this is in backwards order (in the order of when I did them during the semester), but it's such a pain for me to figure out how to re-arrange images right now (without using the HTML mode), that I'm just going to keep them how they are.

The first few are from a project where we had to make an illustration based off of a movie conversation excerpt or an overheard bit of conversation. I thought I overheard some students one day saying something about "Over there in his head", so that's what I used.