Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ancient Relief Style Project and my first ART SHOWS

Here is a project I've been working on the past month.

I'm still not sure how to describe some aspects of this and why I made it/what parts of it mean, but it's basically a comic strip made in a style influenced by ancient reliefs (Egyptian and Sumerian maybe?). When I was doing preliminary sketches I was thinking of art history classes and how I learned what different elements in pieces of art meant a long time ago - things we would never know now but that people back then would understand right away. So I was sort of making fun of that in a way. The car in the story is based off of this car in a photo I took in Florence, Italy:

I don't really have a particular reason for choosing that car.

If the story isn't clear: it's basically just a tale of some king and his subjects being given a gift from the heavens (or maybe just thinking that the heavens gave them this gift), and how they get too careless and waste their gift. The way the characters look is influenced by the way people were depicted in ancient reliefs - all sideways and sometimes had exaggerated-looking poses.

One thing I'll say about the border elements is that they usually represent, in some way, the surroundings or environment that I imagine to be around the characters in each panel. Sometimes its a representation of the scene from a different angle. The top and bottom (horizontal) borders in each one are kind of like top-down views of a town.

I'm not sure if I want to ever color it - the original, at least. I am definitely going to experiment with color on the digital file, after I scan it. Might make some prints. We'll see. Glad to have made a more "complete" piece of art this summer. I am going to be in my first art shows outside of school soon, and won't have much time between now and the end of the summer to make anything else (also a road trip to go on before the end too).

And, about the art shows I'm going to be in. Here is a link to the website and the Facebook page for the one night only RAW: Natural Born Artists event:

And here is the website and Facebook page for the month long exhibit that I will have one piece in (I'll post a picture of the piece here too):