Sunday, February 13, 2011

Art Stuffs

Just some things I've been making during my time in the Burren (in Ireland). A lot of experimenting. I'm pretty excited about some of the little new ways in which my creativity is being stretched and developed.

These are some sheets of tracing paper that I painted heavily with watercolor. I then spread a light layer of charcoal over it, and took it outside to spray some fixative on it. I put some rocks down on the paper to hold it down from the wind while the fixative was drying. It had recently rained and the rocks were wet, so I think that somehow left those white "bleach" marks on the paper.

The left image is a charcoal rubbing I made of a rock on a recent field trip to some prehistoric sites (as part of Irish Studies class). The right image is just a quick experiment I did with acrylic.

Another quick experiment with acrylic and then a quick collage I made while feeling pretty apathetic about politics in general. The guy there is a prominent political figure in just shows how apathetic I am about it when I can't remember his name. :/

The left picture shows some experiments with hatching marks. The right picture shows more of the charcoal rubbings I made of rocks.

The left picture shows a random experiment I made. The right picture shows some tracings of drawings I had made in the past, and then some butterfly wings glued on. I found the butterfly wings lying by themselves (didn't pull them off), and gluing them on was based on a random suggestion by my MCAD teacher Pam during our last meeting.

Another "cut corner" pile, and a charcoal drawing that later became the setting for the animated drawing I made.

The left drawing was kind of a study, and the blue paper towel doodles were just for fun.

Some drawings I made early on in the semester. The one on the right was part of a workshop with one of the teachers where we were asked to take an observational line drawing and fill it in with "Van Gogh like" mark making. I liked the results, and then made the drawing on the left.

Couple of photos of my studio space.

this is the view from one of my studio windows. Sun beams were coming down from the clouds in the distance.

More "cut corner" piles.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dublin - January 27 and 28

Here are a bunch of photos from Dublin, in reverse chronological order (of when I took the photos during the roughly 20 hours I was there). I know this blog post is pretty late, but things have gotten busy at school (homework, field trips), and I continue to try and hang out with others when I can, so not a lot of time left over for side projects.

Anyway... there were scheduled trips to art museums - some cool stuff, some not as exciting stuff. Everybody from the school also got checked into a hostel. After the scheduled stuff, me and my brother saw the Book of Kells at Trinity College, and walked around for a little bit. Then we met up with some friends, and proceeded to wander around the outer edge of the "city central" area (which is the area that everybody on the trip basically stayed in for the entire time - it's pretty big). It was night time but we were in a group of eight and stayed on well-lit streets. We were actually walking for almost two hours, only stopping in a couple of pubs briefly. Then we finally settled in a pub near our hostel, and enjoyed a couple of drinks while just talking and relaxing.

The next day, me and Dustin walked around for a while trying to find a certain antique shop we had passed by the night before (it was closed then). We asked for directions at several places (we knew the name of the shop), and finally found it. It wasn't that exciting, unfortunately, but the owner was friendly and we chatted briefly. I'm forgetting right now what else we did on the 28th (besides eventually leave for home)...

Just an example of the doors I see sometimes with a knob in the center.

Some police on motorbikes.

Sidewalk artists.

I thought some of the names of shops looked funny, so I took pics.

Parts of Trinity College.

Speedy train that went through the city. Got a little close at times to us pedestrians on the sidewalk (or I guess we got too close to it. :P )

Front of Irish Museum of Modern Art.