Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Alien standing on a bridge about to fall in water and crush thousands of innocent people"

very minimalist with the color, idea might not come across the best, and it probably doesn't look like it took as long as it did... but there was some considerable time I spent trying to get the bridge perspective to look better and the perspective on the alien to look at least okay (it still isn't quite right). Oh well. Might come back to this later, but for now, onwards to the next Omegle stranger idea... (might not be for a few days - packing tomorrow, moving the next).

Alien on bridge

Here is the idea from the second person (in my "get drawing ideas from random people on Omegle" project): "Alien standing on a bridge about to fall in water and crush thousands of innocent people". I have an extremely simple and rough doodle so far (perspectives, on alien especially, are not the best right now):

Like the last idea I forgot to ask whether they wanted a name mentioned or not, as credit for the idea. I gave them the blog address though so if they want they can comment.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Charlie Sheen Riding a Unicorn Behind a Mountain

Recently I've been drawing and doodling a lot, but nothing really more "complete" than that. I was hitting a block in terms of thinking of ideas for some more full illustration to make, so last night I thought of an idea. I went on omegle, a text-only online chat service that pairs you up with an anonymous stranger, and I went from person to person until I had about six ideas for some drawings/illustrations. I told each stranger the basic idea of my project, and gave them the address to this blog, saying that there should be results within the next week. Unfortunately I forgot at the time that I'll be moving into a new apartment on Thursday, so I may not be able to get to every one of the six this week, but we'll see.

For the first two people I accidentally forgot to ask if they wanted a name attached to the final product, but I gave them my blog address, so hopefully they look here and maybe leave a comment. Today I made Idea #1: "Mountain with Charlie Sheen on a unicorn in the background"

Not a masterpiece but I'm working fast with these. Hope to have the next illustration up tomorrow, and hopefully I can squeeze in another one tomorrow as well.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Doodles and Drawings

Here are some various drawings and doodles from my sketchbook the past couple of weeks. A lot of it is rather directionless but I think that experimenting and "play" is sort of what I'm more interested in right now anyway. I do hope to make some stuff that's more "complete" soon. The church ink drawing is a little more complete, but that was begun last December and I was only "finishing" it recently (and I'm not sure I'd call it completely finished yet).

The version on the right came when I copied+pasted the drawing into a Photoshop document that was in "Bitmap" mode, and everything ended up looking pixelated. I liked the effect so I included it here (you have to zoom in to see it).

I think I posted the "JAN" sketch before, but this time... there's dots.

My friend Liz, one night in Ireland, challenged my brother and me to draw all the Pokemon we could remember off the top of our head (without looking any up). I've played some of the recent Pokemon games for the DS, but I was still surprised at how many I could draw, because I don't remember seeing them as much in those recent games I had played. I also noticed that they were all from the first generation Pokemon games.

this is the church drawing I mentioned before; started December 2010, and then I worked on it more these past couple of weeks. It is of a church next to Kylemore Abbey in Ireland (I drew from a photo of it).

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twin Fury

A year or two ago I got a clip art book from my parents for Christmas (I think it was Christmas), but I had never really looked through it thoroughly or used it until recently. About a week ago my brother and I were looking through some of our books, in order to find some to give to charity. I came across this and put it aside, and then today I scanned a bunch of pages from it. I posted a bunch of images from it that I found amusing or interesting on my tumblr, and then proceeded to get carried away taking a few images from it and trying to make some sort of illustration.

I had no specific idea in mind to start with, so I just experimented and played around. Not sure if I would or could call any of these "complete", like I said, they're more experiments.

If anybody's wondering, the image in the middle (in most of them) is two men (or boys?) doing some sort of judo-wrestling.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Florence, Venice and Paris - sketches and doodles

After my 4.5 months studying abroad in Ireland, my brother Dustin and I spent two weeks traveling in other countries around Europe. Dustin did basically all of the booking and scheduling (thanks again Dustin), and while it was still somewhat stressful at times, overall it was completely worth it and amazing. I didn't do a whole lot of drawing while there, but I did some, and most of those are posted here.

on the page with little faces: the building on the top of the left page was across the square in front of the Duomo, at night, during a crowded festival/concert thing going on. some of the gestural sketches on the right page are from people dancing on the stage at that concert. the little faces were just from my mind, based on a vague impression of people in Florence I had seen that night.

this was near the train station where we first entered Venice.

Paris blind contour sketches - I was sitting in a restaurant and all of these people were in cars or on motorcycles, stopping when the light was red at the intersection outside the window. I was pleasantly surprised at how I captured some of their faces (I'm still fairly new to doing blind contour drawings of faces).

Monday, May 16, 2011

Charleville Castle and Aran Islands sketches

While visiting the "most haunted" castle in Ireland, Charleville Castle, a couple of months back, I made a series of small drawings in one of my sketchbooks. Here are some of them:

Also, here are some pages from my sketchbook from a trip to the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland (well, just one of the islands - Inis Mor):

Animation work

Over the past 5 months, I was studying abroad in Ireland (through my school, MCAD). One of the courses I had was "Independent Project", which involved weekly group meetings with the MCAD teacher who was also there for the semester (Pam Valfer) and the other MCAD students there, and then individual meetings with Pam. The project itself required a proposal written before we even got to Ireland, but once there, we were free to go in any direction we wanted to. I ended up doing a series of experimental animations, using charcoal and collage, that each involved some reaction I was having to the Burren (the name of the region of Ireland I was in). Finding a way to set up for each of these was a bit of a challenge, as the facilities at the Burren College of Art aren't quite what I'm used to at MCAD... Ok, I'm talking enough, here are the animations I made ("Foggy Night" - actually made for another class (Mixed Media) but it relates to the other three in some ways, "Tomb", "Wall", and "Burren and Home" - and that's the order I made them in):

Foggy Night from Dylan Davis on Vimeo.

Tomb from Dylan Davis on Vimeo.

Wall from Dylan Davis on Vimeo.

Burren and Home from Dylan Davis on Vimeo.

"Foggy Night" and "Tomb" were both made on the wall of an empty classroom with only the regular ceiling lights of the room for lighting (which is why they flicker a lot - I'm not entirely okay with the effect but I don't hate it either). "Foggy Night" was made for my Mixed Media class, for an assignment that simply had the prompt "Journey", and was based on a walk home from the school I made one foggy night, by myself.

The subject of "Tomb" is Poulnabrone, a "portal tomb" monument in the Burren, built thousands of years ago and with the purposes still uncertain. "Wall" came from me experimenting with cut-out, wrinkled/painted pieces of tracing paper, and from my interest in the many stone walls in the Burren. "Burren and Home" combines imagery from my dreams, the landscape of the area I grew up in, my fear of tornados and floods, and ruins of man-made structures in the Burren.