Thursday, June 9, 2011

"A flower with different color petals to show we are all different no matter what color."

That was the idea offered to me by the next anonymous Omegle user I talked to for this project. Like I said before, they disconnected without giving a name. I was also a little confused about the "to show we are all different" part, but oh well. It's what they told me.

The illustration as it is now is not that bold in terms of how I did the color, but I saw some potential to experiment more with that while I was making it, and I included some examples of it with and without the outline. I plan to go back and play around with it more. Also, the flower in the photo I was referencing was actually split at that top part, so that's why it is split in my drawing. I thought it was kind of interesting. Also also, credit to my mom because the flower was one from her garden.

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