Thursday, June 16, 2011

Haven't forgotten about Omegle Stranger project

I haven't forgotten about the last two people I talked to for the Omegle illustration project. The second-to-last person wished to go by "Molality Party" and suggested the idea "Stapler orgy" or if I had too much trouble with that, "Hitler intensely observing the atomic number of Hydrogen" (the atomic number is 1). Two very strange ideas, and the guy also had a great sense of humor when I talked to him further.

The last person I talked to suggested "turtles", and said to just mention the name Casey, because it was their friend Casey who likes turtles.

I'm sorry this project has taken so long (I told the people I got the ideas from on Omegle that I would try to have each of their pieces up by the end of the week, and that was about two and a half weeks ago now). It was a bad time to start the project, when I was just about to move, and I've been trying to apply for jobs and also hang out with a friend who is going to be going to Denmark for six weeks soon. But, enough explanation/excuses. I am working on sketches for "stapler orgy" right now.

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