Monday, June 6, 2011

Illustration "Monster Eating Pizza..."

Ok, here is some sort of final version for the illustration "A monster eating pizza made of eifle towers [sic], on Neptune's ring. But Neptune is painted in the style of mondrian." As I mentioned in the previous post, this idea from a random Omegle user who asked to be called "A Daiquiri named Bishop".

There was a brush in Photoshop that I randomly chose that had an interesting-looking effect. I noticed that some of that frayed effect on the right side is not present as much on the left, but when I went to look for the brush again I couldn't find it (or maybe my brush settings had changed - either way, not sure how to get back to that effect again). There are also other various qualities about the piece that I know are not as good as they could be. There are some things about it that I like too. I'm already sort of behind on this project, though, so I'm going to keep moving on, and go back to this piece later to add/refine things.

Also, as a side note, I made the Mondrian-style ring from scratch (well, looked at some of his paintings for reference, but I made my own I mean) - that part took a little while to make.

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